Bars and Brownies

Quick View Mint Brownies

Mint Brownies

One dozen intensely fabulous brownies.  Layer one is a fudge brownie, then mint buttercream, then chocolate ganache.  Hallelujah!
Quick View Brownies and Bars Tray

Brownies and Bars Tray

A selection of our super awesome bars.  We'll include a large variety including blondies, chocolate pecan bars, brownies, lemon bars and fruit bars. Small - 24 pieces Medium - 36 pieces Large - 48 pieces Extra Large - 60 pieces
Quick View Cherry Pie Bars

Cherry Pie Bars

One dozen of our pie bars, this time filled with sour cherries and topped with crumb topping.  Yummsly!
Quick View Sweet Potato Bars

Sweet Potato Bars

Do you like sweet potato pie?  These bars have much that same flavor except we add a crumb topping loaded with butter and brown sugar.  One dozen bars.
Quick View Cherry Greek Yogurt Morning Bars

Cherry Greek Yogurt Morning Bars

One dozen bars that are great for breakfast or a less sweet dessert option.  Flavors include cream cheese and greek yogurt and then tart cherries.  We add some granola topping for crunch.  So good.
Quick View Chocolate Coconut Bars

Chocolate Coconut Bars

Tons of flavor.  A basic crumb crust on the bottom, then chocolate ganache in the middle topped with lots, LOTS, of toasted coconut topping.  One dozen.
Quick View Magic Bars

Magic Bars

It's kind of an everything bar with chocolate chips, M&Ms, coconut and pecans.  Yippee!!
Quick View Chocolate Oat Bars

Chocolate Oat Bars

This is a classic bar.  Chewy, tasty and that wonderful flavor of oatmeal.  Love it.  One dozen in this order.
Quick View Peach Pie Bars

Peach Pie Bars

How about a bar that starts with a crumb crust and ends with more crumbs on top.  we love this thing.  One dozen in this order.