Bars and Brownies

Quick View Chocolate Oat Bars

Chocolate Oat Bars

This is a classic bar.  Chewy, tasty and that wonderful flavor of oatmeal.  Love it.  One dozen in this order.
Quick View Peach Pie Bars

Peach Pie Bars

How about a bar that starts with a crumb crust and ends with more crumbs on top.  we love this thing.  One dozen in this order.
Quick View "Oreo" Bars

"Oreo" Bars

Chocolate, vanilla, chocolate!  You know the deal.  How about the flavors of an iconic cookie in a bar.  We did it and just for you!  One dozen in this order.
Quick View Pistachio Nanaimo Bars

Pistachio Nanaimo Bars

We can thank our friends to the north for this one...(Canada not Wyoming!)  These little wonders start with a chocolate coconut crust, then we add pudding (pistachio in this case) and top it with chocolate ganache.  We can make it with other...
Quick View Nutella Bars

Nutella Bars

One dozen fabulous chewy bars with that unmistakable Nutella hazelnut flavor. 
Quick View Baker's Dozen Bar Assortment

Baker's Dozen Bar Assortment

Thirteen of our fabulous bars for the price of twelve.  That's one free!!  We'll choose from our daily assortment but you can call and see what we have.  Great deal!!