Fall and Halloween

Quick View Day of the Dead Cake

Day of the Dead Cake

This fabulous black fondant cake would make an amazing centerpiece and dessert for your Day of the Dead celebration.  This cake is a 12" cake that would serve between 35 and 45 people.  We can make smaller versions (9" - $75 or 10" for $85)...
Quick View Assorted Halloween Sweets

Assorted Halloween Sweets

Fourty-five pieces of Halloween awesomeness including sugar cookies, gingerbread cookies, spooky brownies, cake pops and seasonal bars.  Contact us for pricing for smaller or larger versions.
Quick View Bloody Red Velvet Cupcakes

Bloody Red Velvet Cupcakes

One dozen yummy but kind of scary red velvet cupcakes stabbed mercilessly with "ice" (made from sugar and water) resulting in massive bleeding (made with corn syrup and water and red food coloring).  Scary but kind of AWESOME!
Quick View Pecan Rolls

Pecan Rolls

Bjuttery, cinnamony and pecany.  Me first and I want the one in the middle!!!  A tin of these delights includes 8 rolls.
Quick View Boo! Halloween Cake

Boo! Halloween Cake

A pretty simple Halloween cake design that just makes the point...BOO!!   Cake is typically chocolate but can be other flavors too and BOO!
Quick View Spider Cake

Spider Cake

What's going on here?  A big old spider is eating my holiday cake! It's OK the spider is a cupcake and his head is a cake pop.  Even his legs are chocolate.  This awesome 7" cake can be made in any of our fun and excellent cake flavors...
Quick View Autumn Season Cake Pops

Autumn Season Cake Pops

One dozen chocolate, pumpkin and vanilla cake pops decorated for an autumn celebration.  We use the BEST European chocolate for our cake pops.  
Quick View Icky Creepy Finger Cookies

Icky Creepy Finger Cookies

Aren't these cute?  Somebody's not so OK with being in the ground.  A classic sugar cookie dusted in cocoa powder and rising from a "graveyard" of crushed chocolate cookies.  Assembled in a terra cotta pot and presented as a cool Halloween...
Quick View Football Cupcakes

Football Cupcakes

A dozen chocolate or vanilla or half and half cupcakes topped with mint buttercream and a team medallion.One dozen chocolate or vanilla (or half and half) cupcakes topped with mint buttercream and a team medallion.  We can personalize for one team...