Easter and Passover

Quick View Cherry Greek Yogurt Morning Bars

Cherry Greek Yogurt Morning Bars

One dozen bars that are great for breakfast or a less sweet dessert option.  Flavors include cream cheese and greek yogurt and then tart cherries.  We add some granola topping for crunch.  So good.
Quick View Strawberry and Cream Coffee Cake

Strawberry and Cream Coffee Cake

A beautiful and flavorful bundt coffee cake made with fresh strawberries and always fabulous cream.  The coffee cake has a glaze and crumb topping for added flavor,
Quick View Vegetarian Quiche

Vegetarian Quiche

A fabulous and tasty quiche filled with roasted vegetables and flavorful asiago cheese.  Each quiche serves 6 to 8.
Quick View Easter Bunny Face Coconut Cake

Easter Bunny Face Coconut Cake

A two layer cake that welcomes the Easter Bunny to your holiday celebration!  His ears are filled with orange curd.  This cake is coconut although we could make a vanilla, coconut, chocolate or lemon cake too!  Serves up to 18.
Quick View Matzoh Crumble

Matzoh Crumble

We start with kosher matzoh, then cover it with our own special caramel sauce, place it in the oven for a bit and then spread fabulous Callebaut chocolate over the top.  Oh so tasty and a special holiday treat.
Quick View Easter Egg Cake

Easter Egg Cake

Pretty close to being the perfect holiday dessert and centerpiece.  This cake can be chocolate with chocolate pastry cream filling, lemon with lemon curd, strawberry with strawberry buttercream filling or a crowd favorite chocolate/vanilla with...
Quick View Homemade Holiday Peeps

Homemade Holiday Peeps

You know you love them!  Try them with different flavors - vanilla, mint, coconut and raspberry!  Pretty special and included in a lovely gift box.  One dozen.
Quick View Easter Basket Coconut Clusters

Easter Basket Coconut Clusters

One dozen coconut clusters made with fresh coconut and Callebaut dark and white chocolate.  Three sweet and colorful jelly beans are added to the top of the basket.  A classic holiday candy we love to make and eat!
Quick View Easter Cake Pops

Easter Cake Pops

One dozen adorable and yummy cake pops decorated especially for Easter.  Flavors include chocolate, vanilla and red velvet.  Basket no longer available.
Quick View Pecan Rolls

Pecan Rolls

Bjuttery, cinnamony and pecany.  Me first and I want the one in the middle!!!  A tin of these delights includes 8 rolls.