Christmas, Hannukah & New Year's

Quick View Chocolate Cherry Bundt Cake with Vanilla Icing

Chocolate Cherry Bundt Cake with Vanilla Icing

This flavorful chocolate cake has cherry pie filling and is iced with our signature vanilla icing.  The cake depicts a winter scene with cute but non edible plastic trees and deer just hanging out!  Great dessert for a holiday party!
Quick View Giant Gingerbread "Ugly Sweater" Cookie

Giant Gingerbread "Ugly Sweater" Cookie

This dude is about 18" tall and 8" from fingertip to fingertip.  He's a lot of fun and if you have some ideas about how you want his "outfit" decorated (family name perhaps?) just let us know and we're on it!  Yummy too!!!
Quick View Box of Winter Cookies

Box of Winter Cookies

Eighteen tasty cookies in a pretty brown box with a lovely ribbon on top.  There are six chocolate-vanilla checkerboard cookies, six hot chocolate cookies (with a marshmallow on top) and six almond-raspberry thumbprint cookies.  
Quick View Clock Strikes Midnight Cake

Clock Strikes Midnight Cake

Decorate your special cake for your New Year's celebration to commemorate when the clocks strikes midnight.  It sparkles like this special night!  We can do a strawberry champagne flavor or any one you want.
Quick View "Noel" Cake

"Noel" Cake

An amazingly wonderful cake.  Either chocolate or vanilla cake it is topped with our swiss meringue buttercream and deecorated to celebrate Christmas.  This is a three layer cake.
Quick View Christmas Treat Basket

Christmas Treat Basket

A basket full of holiday sweet treats including sugar cookies, gingerbread cookies, fudge, swirl cookies, pecan crescents, peanut brittle, cranberry bark and corn flake marshmallow treats.  This size basket holds about 45 separate pieces...
Quick View New Year's Eve Confetti Cookies

New Year's Eve Confetti Cookies

One dozen (really 3 dozen) sugar cookies ready for New Year's Eve fun.  There are three cookies and the center of the middle one is cut out and filled with confetti.  Guess what happens when you bite into it??? HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!
Quick View Tin of Assorted Christmas Cookies

Tin of Assorted Christmas Cookies

Fun and flavorful!  An assortment of 25 different holiday cookies made fresh in our awesome kitchen. Each order will include sugar cookies, linzer cookies, gingerbread cookies, butter swirls, pecan crescents and other specialty cookies!