Quick View Graduation Cake - Small

Graduation Cake - Small

  We've created a special small graduation cake for 2020 grads and their families.  This cake serves up to twelve.  It consists of a 7" cake and then a cupcake and large chocolate sugar cookie to create a the cap.  We can write and...
Quick View Cakes - 5"

Cakes - 5"

During the virus period we will be offering a smaller version or many of our cakes for you to purchase.  This size serves four to six people.  It's a three layer cake that is 5" wide.  Unfortunately we can not do decorating beyond...
Quick View Chicken Pot Pie -

Chicken Pot Pie -

It's time to think about savory!  This classic homemade pot pie includes lots of white chicken breast, carrots, peas cooked in an awesome chicken gravy.  It will come frozen for you to bake and serve.  
Quick View Easter Sugar Cookie Decorating Kit

Easter Sugar Cookie Decorating Kit

Fun at home!  18 small undecorated sugar cookies, five bags of royal icing, bags of Easter sprinkles and sugars.  Easy and so very tasty!  Cookies are baked fresh to order.
Quick View Drop Cookie Chilled Dough

Drop Cookie Chilled Dough

We probably sell more cookies than anything.  During the virus shut down period we're selling some of our cookie doughs so you can slice or scoop the for yourself.  We'll deliver them to you chilled and you can use them right away or use some...
Quick View Christmas Sweets Baskets

Christmas Sweets Baskets

Baskets full of  holiday treats!  Small (15 pieces) and medium (30 pieces) baskets include holiday cookies and mini sugar and gingerbread cookies.  Large (45 pieces) and extra large (60 pieces) baskets add more cookies and fun, homemade...